America – short film

It’s our belief that nothing is as sustaining for an artist as combining commercial work with personal projects. We are incredibly proud of our personal short animation film –  America. Currently shown at festivals all over the world, America is praised for it’s touching script and exquisite artwork.

The making of

Director and producer: Nadav Arbel
Script: Avi Mercado and Nadav Arbel
Art Director and Design: Shachar Kober
Storyboard: Amir Porat
Animations: Agricultural Wave and Shuli Tagger
Painting of figures: Yali Harav, Ella ben Yaakov
Original music: Didi Erez
Sound Design: Rotem Dror
Cast: Yeggenia Dodina, Chen Rose, Elhi Levit, Alon Levi, Yael Yekel
Protective packaging: Protective container
Post: Studio Boyko